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Sun shades : Why it’s more important in summer season ?

Types of Heat

Solid materials (conduction), liquids and gases (convection), and electromagnetic waves are all used to transport heat (radiation).

Heat is normally transferred in a combination of these three forms, with each type occurring only infrequently on its own.

Radiation is only way you get hot even if car is enclosed and gases i.e. air inside car is temperature controlled with the help of Air conditioner system.

How Radiation landing on your body can be avoided ?

Sun shades : these are thin fabric sheets surrounded by metal coir or ribbons helping to keep it’s tension to retain shape.

Basically sun shades confront all sun radiations on fabric threads resulting hot fabric of sun shade. fortunately this fabric is nicely designed and capable to expel the heat quickly. now air conditioner has to play important role to pull out the heat from sun shade’s heat by convection.

What we have achieved by this ?

By this complete process we perfectly avoided exposing to direct radiation and therefore no direct heating happens to body. as it’s hard for air-conditioner of car to get heat out of your cloths which are tightly stick to you.

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