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Home » Driving Lessons » Emergency Tips » Fire in Car

Emergency evacuation technique for car passengers.

Right decisions and prior knowledge can save you from the unknown disaster.

Fire in Car : Emergency escape plan you must know : SMARTDrive

This could happen to anyone in any car. You’d better be ready for it. know how to get out of such dangerous situations with the help of small but powerful gadgets.
Purchase these life-saving tools right away to save your and your loved ones’ lives.

We all love automatic systems and electronic upgrades, but in unfortunate situations or accidents, these electronic systems fail to function. For example, on the Nashik highway Maharashtra recently, Maruti Suzuki ciaz had minor sparks inside the cabin and caught fire in the car.

Because the electronic wiring was so damaged, the car couldn’t use its safety feature to slide down window glasses or open door locks before shutting down. We lost two lives as a result of this unfortunate incident. We can’t predict what will happen, but by keeping simple car gadgets in our car’s glove box, we can save our and our co-passengers’ lives in such situations.

This video is an eye-opener for all of us. Don’t forget to buy and keep a safety tool in your glove box to avoid such a hazard with you or your co-passenger.

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Mini Safety Hammer Car Life-Saving Escape Hammer Emergency Glass Breaker
AmazonBasics Emergency Seat Belt Cutter and Window Hammer
RNG EKO GREEN – Emergency Hammer Glass Breaker Seat Belt Cutter – Orange
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Escape from Car

  1. Seat belt cutter

    the Gadget have sharp hidden blade. just slide the cutter to tied seat belt. once the seat belt is cut you are free to move and take further action.

  2. Break the window

    the gadget has pointed hammer. grab full grip of hammer handle and forcefully impact on corner of window glass. this will shatter the glass. if not shattered SMARTDrive recommends you to hit on space place repeatedly.

  3. Save yourself First

    This may sound selfish but saving yourself first will give you more confidence and space to generate new idea about how to save co-passengers.