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Before jumping into the technologies and types of tyres. we must understand the priority on our own. unless we are not confirmed with our expectation for tyres it will be not an effective buying decision at all.

As shown in above picture Tyre priorities makes the triangle. by 1. Performance 2. Fuel Saving 3. Comfort. fortunately almost all tyres provide all 3 features equally. major changes happens when you prioritize the preferences and get more effective results out of your car.

PERFORMANCE : Performance tyres are designed for people who enjoy driving at high speeds. As your car’s speed rises, so does the requirement for better traction and effective braking. Performance tyres ensure that your travel is safe and that you have complete control over your vehicle. Performance tyres are the primary consideration for a safer journey.
Handling tyres make a lot of noise and have a short lifespan.

FUEL SAVING : as the name suggests these tyres are “EASY GOING”. These tyres give less resistance to your vehicle and help you save money on fuel. These tyres are also engineered for “Enhanced Service Life.” While a standard Tyre is projected to last roughly 50,000 kilometres, fuel-saving tyres can last 10,000 to 20,000 kilometres longer.
Even if you think that you should go for fuel saving tires on the first instance it is having their down sides too the first and foremost is the reduced handling performance YouTube less traction add

COMFORT : For motorway and off-road journeys, comfy tyres are well-known for rendering all bumps ineffective. Tyres with enhanced technology tyre walls are more comfortable and reduce the effect of rapid hits that cause vertical deviation. The comfy tyres not only extend the life of car suspensions, but they also provide cutting-edge comfort for longer trips.
Comfortable tyres should be everyone’s priority but what it costs is less service life.

Factors you should consider before buying a Tyre

High Speed of your Car : If you often drive 100kmph or faster you will definitely need performance tyres. they provide better handling on high speeds and braking ability. continuous traction is maintained throughout the ride.
if you ride below 100kmph and never bother to cross beyond it. you can opt in for fuel saving and comfort tyres.

Your Driving Styles : If you love cruise control feature and often use it while riding Comfort tyres are meant for you. it will maintain your ride comfort and keep you away from bumps and vibrations.
on the other hand if you love adventurous ride, cornering on high speeds and never used cruise control feature as you want to feel every second of your ride, then you must go for PERFORMANCE tyres.
if mileage is your concern and you are least concerned about the ride comfort you can opt in for fuel saving tyres.

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