Home » Driving Lessons » Emergency Tips » Engine Overheating
Home » Driving Lessons » Emergency Tips » Engine Overheating


  1. Dashboard indicators
  2. AC not working
  3. Reduced pick up
  4. Stream appearing out off bonnet
  5. Car stops abruptly
  6. Car fails to start


Time needed: 20 minutes


  1. Park the car in cool shaded parking

  2. Switch off the car engine.

  3. Diagnosis of car from outside, bottom part for any leakages

  4. Inspect for steam coming out of bonnet, check temperature of bonnet by touching it.
    (Don’t rush to open the bonnet. This may be dangerous)

  5. After 5-10min of engine switched off. Open the bonnet to check the inner situation

  6. Search for leakages and loose caps.

  7. Check the fluid levels of coolant

  8. If you find dried or low coolant in reservoir you are in serious trouble. Remember low coolant can seize car engine.

  9. Top up the coolant reservoir with drinking water

  10. Check for leaked coolant after top up and starting the car.

  11. If you observe leakage you can call to road side assistance. Because further driving may cause serious and permanent damage to the car.


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