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Home » Expert Tips » Buying guide » Features » Comfort » Auto Climate Control

कुछ टॉप गाड़ियों मे auto climate control ये feature दिया होता हैं। इसके क्या मायने है ये आज समझ लेंगे । #airconditioner #climate #autmomatic #bestcooling

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00:00 Introduction
01:40 what components makes the auto climate control work ?
02:50 Auto climate control working when car is too hot
04:00 Outside temperature is too cold

👉🏻 This video shows following information:
1. tips and tricks for better cooling
2. secret of higher prices premium cars
3. Hindi air conditioner high tech feature
4. fan speed automatic feature
5. temperature maintain inside car
6. automatic cooling system in cars
7. air circulation mode selection
8. outside air or inside air ?
9. best temperature settings
10. ventilation parameters

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