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Suzuki SMART HYBRID KYA HAI ? स्मार्ट हाइब्रिड के बारे मे पुरी जानकारी : SMARTDrive SHVS

kya hai smart hybrid ? क्या है स्मार्ट हायब्रीड ?
kya smart hybrid car jyada mileage deti hai ? क्या स्मार्ट हायब्रीड से मायलेज बढता है ?
suzuki hybrid, mild hybrid,
is video me ham baat karenge smart hybrid car ki kuch behtarin khubiyo ke baare me.
kyun smart hybrid car jyada kilometer chalti hai aur kam petrol ya diesel piti hai.
kaunsi takniki khubiya hybrid car ko jyada behtarin banati hai.
signal ko gaadi kaise band hoti hai.
sirf clutch pedal dabane se car kaise shuru hoti hai ?
diesel engine working as well as how efficient these cars are ?
smart hybrid car maintenance tips with some failure case studies.
is mild hybrid technology really effective ?
kya haibrid gaadi lena sahi hai ?
हाईब्रिड कार खरीदना चाहते है तो ये हैं शानदार विकल्प
हाइब्रिड कार क्या है: तथ्य, अंतर फायदे व नुकसान
major Searches : ISG : Integrated Starter Generator ; Li-On Lithium ion Battery in cars, auto start and stop function and how it works; when SHVS logo glows up; start the car without pressing clutch; automatic transmissions; complete drive cycle of any car;

मारुति की स्मार्ट हाइब्रिड तकनीक एक टॉर्क असिस्ट फंक्शन प्रदान करती है जो इंजन पर लोड कम कर रहे एक्सिलरेशन की मदद करती है तथा एफिसिएंसी को बढ़ाती है। स्मार्ट हाइब्रिड तकनीक स्टार्ट/स्टॉप सिस्टम भी सपोर्ट करता है जो कि वाहन के रुकने पर इंजन को बंद कर देता है तथा ईंधन की बचत करता है।

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👉🏻 For direct selection of a specific chapter please select below:
00:00 Introduction
00:30 working demonstration of SMART HYBRID FEATURE
01:00 Integrated Starter Generator Functions
01:40 automatic Idle start at traffic signals
03:20 Advantages of smart hybrid feature with battery driven hybrid cars
04:50 Add on feature of SHVS cars
05:20 Dashboard indicator or cluster panel signals for smart cars
06:00 why smart hybrid is not working ?
07:20 how to check smart hybrid feature is working or not ?
08:00 Gear indicator feature
09:50 components supporting smart hybrid feature
11:30 ECU failure in ciaz / car starting without pressing clutch

Hello. First of all Thanks and congrats for making such a detailed nice video on SHVS. I recently gave my car for servicing and after that HYBRID system has stopped working in my Petrol hybrid ciaz. On my complaint Workshop checked the battery health (Acid Battery with the engine) and it was 66%. They are saying that hybrid function will not work on 66% battery health and you need to change the battery. Is it true???

Yes sir. But if your run per month is less than 1000km. Then smartdrive will suggest to postpone your new battery purchase till few more months as the fuel economy will be affected only by 2 kmpl. Battery costs around Rs7500/-. Jab tak chalti hain tab tak chalne do. Aur agar run jyada hai. To badlna faydemand rahega.

Does SHVS provide torque assist? My own a ciaz 2016 model. It’s written in the manual but I don’t think it works. Engine Start stop is the only functionality that i experienced .

Yes. It does makes huge difference in case performance. It is belt driven power which is continuously monitored by car’s Sensors. That reduces the overall load on your car engine. This increases fuel efficiency. Auto start and stop is added feature

What a detailed explanation bro👍. In my case, around 3 days before auto start yellow light started blinking (Car age is 40 months) while i was driving. Got it checked and found issue with the battery. Battery (OEM Exide 70 din) was replaced the same day but auto start light continued to blink despite driving for 450km. Yesterday Upon scanning the ecu the error code was detected and then deleted, it stopped blinking and shvs started coming upon deaccelerating but it doesn’t come upon accelerating and the car doesn’t auto start/stop despite deleting the error code and driving for 80km today. What can be the reason bro?

If the SHVS doesn’t Glow up it’s highly recommended for a day or two. after waiting if still we are having trouble with the SHVS not starting then mere a short visit to service center will do the job done without any cost. service guy will simply reset the battery status and issue will be resolved.

Does 2018 ciaz’s hybrid system supports working of AC in idle condition?

Sure but only when car engine is running. If internal temperature increased than set temperature car starts automatically.

Very useful video now my mind is clear coz I was too confused about cng and smart hybrid thanks a lot

Thanks for watching ! Glad you liked it… please visit SMARTDrive333.com

In this system can the lithium ion battery use to drive the vehicle in low speed while the engine is in stop state? If yes, then for how long can it drive?

only 8 seconds. please watch our special video on this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk6g4sqKFMY

Good information. Can SHVS works during cruise mode?

Not really. Because for cruise engine is set to required RPM with given fuel and air compression so there is no option for acceleration and deceleration. And SHVS only works when you accelerate and de accelerate. So technically no support from battery during Cruising

@SMARTDrive  so if someone’s running is much below than usual and use vehicle occasionally (no daily use) … better to opt regular engine variant ( non mild hybrid variant). Because in such conditions benefits of Dualjet engine might not be accessed if running is very low and spending on mild hybrid variant over regular variant would not be a smart choice. What is your opinion ?????

You are right. Mild hybrid car will charge and use it’s battery🔋 only if the car has good run on highways(not even in cities). Alternator needs to charge battery fully to get this work. Consider after 40km of long run the battery charging gets restored to 100%. Then mild hybrid is usable again. Better not to go for hybrid if daily run is less than 30-40km per day.

I thought it will help me to save petrol money. Like other cars where until 30kmph it will be run in battery and after 30 kmph it use petrol

There is completely different segments of Hybrid cars for that purpose. Please watch our this episode. https://youtu.be/n9JoJS4–5c

My ciaz shows 21.9 overall average both mixed in highway & city which display in speedometer. It’s correct?? Or fake

might be correct. i do get same mileage.

Smart hybrid VXI Ertiga can i convert into CNG

Actually it’s a good question. CNG installation is quite tricky process for any car. Therefore maruti provides company fitted CNG cars. It’s our humble opinion that you please continue with your car as far as you can. And just switch to(buy new) electric/CNG car once it’s affordable.

Sir i have maruti ertiga 2015 model with shvs. Suddenly 2 months ago, My car do not stop at traffic lights when I put gear in normal (though there is no starting problem) Plz suggest solution

This is usual. Good news is there is no issue with the car, only replacing the battery will solve the problem. As the battery gets older, it fails to retain maximum current required for smart hybrid functions. Therefore you can feel the “torque assist” and “auto start and stop” function has been stopped working.

Sir is their any way we can manually switch on or off shvs system in our cars?

Yes. There is button on bottom right panel at driver side (near steering wheel) https://youtu.be/Dey_WM2dK5Q

I have ciaz Diesel Alpha 2019 1.3, do I have secomd battery? If no then why do they give the tag SHVS for diesel ciaz cars

Only selective 1.5 litre engine Cars have secondary lithium ion battery installed in SHVS version. In Rest of all the models, special ISS battery installed doing roles of both lithium ion and normal acid battery performance.


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