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00:00 Introduction
00:50 after uninstalling car wheel
01:20 what is McPherson strut system ?
01:40 what makes McPherson suspension system most favorite in world
02:48 what is strut and where it is in car ?
03:20 what is swing arm / lower arm / wishbone in car suspension ?
05:20 how ride comfort is effected by lower arm
07:20 power drive shaft / transmission to wheel working explained front wheel drive
08:00 why mcpherson system is mostly preferred in front wheel drive cars.
08:30 how wheel turns ? working of steering knuckle.
09:30 sway rod importance, how to avoid under steering and over steering and body roll issues.
11:00 working of sway bar / anti roll bar explained
12:20 overview of Macpherson suspension system.
14:50 visual inspection tips for car suspensions, shock absorbers, strut
15:50 why i changed sway bar bush and lower arm of my car ?

👉🏻 This video shows following information:

  1. tips and tricks for car damper and springs
  2. secret behind comfortable car ride.
  3. hindi : car suspension kaise kaam karta hai ?
  4. sabse badhiya explaination
  5. strut kya hota hain ?
  6. suspension kab badalne chahiye.
  7. car se aati hain khat khat ki awaj. janiye kyun ?
  8. swing arm ya lower arm kyu badalna jaroori hain ?
  9. car shock absorber kaise kaam karta hain ?
  10. front wheel drive car me tyre system kaisi hoti hain ?

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