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It seems very basic and naïve to read out the heading at first. but do you know major of the accidents happen only due to mis judging the vehicles running in front or behind of us. What do I mean by misjudging ?


The Predictive Driving


What is Driving ?
Getting inputs from Roads with Eyes and Ears and skin rather whole body.
Process the inputs with Active Brain (i.e. Not sleeping in Tesla)
Give commands to hands and legs to stretch or twist.

Visual Inputs

Car running in front of us, The man crossing the street. One big Gorilla in the mountains. Basically anything Watched by us through our eyes.

Audio Inputs

Creepy Brake Noise across the street, Wife and kids singing chubby song, Someone in the car eating Potato chips and hiding it from others.

Feel the Vibe

Sudden jerk due to pothole. smooth acceleration to Drive the nerve crazy. Sharp Turning around the corner (just like playing NFS for real.) Most amazing inputs.

The Sixth Sense

The Intuitive Calculations made by our mind to avoid unwanted events. Basically it keeps us safe by cutting down the non essential activities. (For more info. Watch Spiderman movie)

So What’s my exact point is ?
every creature living on that damn road uses the same method to process the inputs and then makes the decision to either Run, Stop, Steer to the Right or Steer to the Left (in some cases jump out of the window).
Moving back to our TOPIC : TURN INDICATORS

TURN INDICATORS help you to tell others what you are thinking. it means if your want to steer to Right, you will steer to right so it’s our prime duty to tell person driving car behind us should also know that you are going to right after few seconds.

So basically here the scenario is quite clear that if we make 5 seconds earlier decisions and inform others. others have at least 3 seconds to react and drive well as per their calculations. this whole process avoids collisions and hence makes the roads safe place.

Cutting down the long story short USE TURN INDICATORS as shown in This video and make yourself very much acquainted with your own car for better handling and quick reflexes.


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“SMARTDrive is small step towards making roads a safe place.”
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“SMARTDrive is small step towards making roads a safe place. Join us as Viewer, Author, Patron or The Sponsor." | BESAFE. DRIVESMART. | VISHWAJEETGAIKE ||| CEO & Founder SMARTDrive333.com

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